• Dawn Feinberg
    24 videos

    Dawn Feinberg

    24 videos

    Ahana Founder & Yoga Teacher | @dawnbyoga
    Dawn Feinberg, Founder of Ahana Yoga, is known for her energy, humor, and warmth. A yoga practitioner for over 25 years and a yoga teacher for over a decade, Dawn has a daily practice, which is comprised of Ahana Flow and Ashtanga. She is a mom, wi...

  • Dan Phalen
    11 videos

    Dan Phalen

    11 videos

    Ahana Power Yoga Teacher | @handstanddan

    It’s not the journey into yoga one hopes for, but for Dan it was triggered by the passing of his grandmother. At that time, he was shattered, with no hope of how or when he could emotionally heal himself.

    The first day he walked out of yoga class ...

  • Sarita
    1 video


    1 video

  • Carolina Velasquez

    2 videos

    Ahana Flow Yoga Teacher | @cvelasquez13
    Carolina graduated from Ahana's Teacher training in 2019. She has been practicing Yoga for 5 years now, to which she says it has been life changing.
    "This is the first class I've ever taught in Spanish, and even though is my first language it was ve...

  • Levi
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    2 videos

  • kata
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  • Cat Prescott
    3 videos

    Cat Prescott

    3 videos

    Ahana Flow Yoga Teacher | @catprescott
    Yogi, poet, editor, literary activist, publisher, and mom of three, Catherine Prescott has a yoga practice that spans over 20 years. In 2019, she became an accredited yoga instructor. Practice and meditate with her today.

  • Liz Grant
    1 video

    Liz Grant

    1 video

    Ahana Flow Yoga Teacher | @lizgrantyoga
    Liz Grant has been teaching yoga in Miami for 7 years. She has a background in Ashtanga yoga and teaches intuitive vinyasa flow classes. Follow her on Instagram at: @lizgrantyoga.

  • Day Christensen

    5 videos

    Ahana Power Yoga Teacher | @Day1Yoga
    Day Christensen is a lifelong dedicated and daily yoga practitioner since 2004. She has practiced Ashtanga Yoga and achieved Level 2 Authorization from KPJAYI before developing The DAY1YOGA Method: a practice allowing for postural assessment, deviation,...

  • Zack Good
    1 video

    Zack Good

    1 video

    Ahana Flow Yoga Teacher | @zgood
    Zack teaches a well-balanced flow to help you get out of your head and onto your mat. He is a graduate of the Ahana Yoga Teacher Training and is known for his enthusiastic and encouraging teaching style. As a yoga practitioner himself, Zack has a daily pra...

  • Chloe Freytag

    1 video

    Kundalini & Ahana Flow Yoga Teacher | @chloefreytag
    Chloe Freytag is a professional ballerina with a passion for yoga and meditation. Her practice is the only thing that keeps her sane through her challenging career and sharing these tools to help others shift their lives feels completely ...

  • Ashley Boice
    1 video

    Ashley Boice

    1 video

    Ahana Power Yoga Teacher | @thisismydharma
    Ashley teaches a well balanced, strong, invigorating Ahana Power Flow that will leave you feeling exhilarated & ready to take on your day. She completed her 200hr Ahana Yoga Teaching Training in 2018 & has been a student of yoga since 2003. You w...

  • Caitlin O'Neill

    1 video

    Ahana Sculpt + Flow Teacher | @smileyouvegotcaitlin
    Caitlin is a lifelong dancer from South Florida who turned her passion for movement into a career of teaching yoga and fitness. When she’s not in the studio, she loves to recharge in the sun or spend time getting creative in the kitchen!

  • DJ Drez & Marti Nikko

    0 videos

    DJ & Singer | @djdrez
    Featuring music written, sang and produced by the incredible DJ Drez & Marti Nikko. Buy their latest album on iTunes now available: Sweet Storms.

  • Mimi Ghandour
    2 videos

    Mimi Ghandour

    2 videos

    Ahana Flow Yoga Teacher | @mimilicious_mia
    Mimi is a certified yoga teacher, lifestyle blogger and mother of two, and teacher at Ahana Yoga.
    Born in Paris and raised in Saudi Arabia, Mimi is a certified yoga teacher, lifestyle blogger and busy Mother of two. Since discovering yoga years ag...