Kirtan & Chanting

Kirtan & Chanting

4 Episodes

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Kirtan & Chanting
  • Kirtan & OM with Dawn Feinberg

    Episode 1

    Singing call and response. Kirtan is a form of meditation where one sings divine words which vibrations are high. It’s a quick way to feelin good. In this video, Dawn will guide you through the Govinda chant. Hum silently or sing along.

  • Chandra Chants

    Episode 2

  • Dharma Talk with Dawn

    Episode 3

    Dharma talk and Mantra with Dawn Feinberg.

  • Kirtan with Dawn - Maha Mantra

    Episode 4

    Kirtan Maha Mantra | Join Dawn Feinberg as she sings the Maha Mantra with the harmonium or listen along to the sound of Hare Krishna.