Day Christensen

Day Christensen

Ahana Power Yoga Teacher | @Day1Yoga
Day Christensen is a lifelong dedicated and daily yoga practitioner since 2004. She has practiced Ashtanga Yoga and achieved Level 2 Authorization from KPJAYI before developing The DAY1YOGA Method: a practice allowing for postural assessment, deviation, and strong hand balancing and upper body strength. She currently teaches around the world and offers workshops, seminars and 200 hour Teacher’s course. Follow her on Instagram at @day1yoga

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Day Christensen
  • Ashtanga for Beginners with Day

    This is a short form and modified beginner class based of off the Ashtanga primary series. It is short and accessible for all beginner students or students who want to get in a quick practice.

  • Ashtanga Primary Series with Day

    Guided Ashtanga Vinyasa is a set series of postures. The first 10 minutes will get you sweaty. Then the remainder of class will work on your flexibility, core stability and strength. It is a great daily practice.

  • Drills for Hand Balancing with Day

    This set of exercises will keep you upside down and working on your upper body strength and hand balancing skill sets. Drills include arm balances into chaturanga, handstands, headstands, seated jumpbacks, pikes and standing slides. Intermediate and Advanced level 2. Suggested props to use: blank...

  • Stretch & Recovery with Day

    Day Christensen guides you this stretch & recover series of postures to lengthen the muscles and create alignment in the body.

  • Handstand Drills with Day

    Practice these beginner exercises to strengthen the muscles needed for your hand and arm balances