30 Minute Flow

30 Minute Flow

14 Episodes

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30 Minute Flow
  • Yoga for Beginners with Dawn

    Episode 1

    Yoga is for everyone. This short flow will help you understand the poses, get flexible, improve your strength and have fun with Dawn Feinberg and Sandy Meyer.

  • Ashtanga for Beginners with Day

    Episode 2

    This is a short form and modified beginner class based of off the Ashtanga primary series. It is short and accessible for all beginner students or students who want to get in a quick practice.

  • Ahana Flow 30 Minutes with Dawn

    Episode 3

    Ahana Flow is a vinyasa style yoga class with creative sequencing, chanting, and meditating. You will find sun salutations, standing postures, back opening, inversions & twisting. It is a sweaty, fun & challenging yoga class. Open to all levels.

  • Creative Slow Flow with Dan

    Episode 4

    A slowed down vinyasa flow and expression of movement focused on stretching and releasing throughout the body. 25 minute flow is a gentle full body stretch designed to get you ready for your day or to help recover from a leg day workout.

  • Ahana Slow Flow with Liz

    Episode 5

    Enjoy this 30 minute Slow Flow with Liz Grant. This juicy, slow-paced vinyasa flow is perfect for releasing tension and reconnecting to your heart. Perfect for all levels.

  • soft and sweet

    Episode 6

  • Get up and Flow with Dawn

    Episode 7

  • Root Chakra Flow

    Episode 8

  • Live Flow With Dawn 9am ESP Tuesday 8/18

    Episode 9

    Founder of Ahana Yoga, Dawn is an international yoga teacher with over a decade of experience. She was a professional dancer for many years. Her classes are fused with classical yoga training mixed with fluid sequencing and humor .

  • Thursday morning Flow With Dawn

    Episode 10

  • 8/27 Yummy Sweaty 30 min Flow

    Episode 11

  • Soft and Gentle Flow With Dan

    Episode 12

  • Take it Easy with Dan

    Episode 13

  • Live with Dan 9am Wednesday 8/26

    Episode 14